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Товар додано в корзину

Parties and concerts

  • Hopak” is a RESTAURANT – HOLIDAY!
  • Our Art Director Marina Shapovalova works with inspiration to make your vacation unforgettable and fun!
  • She organizes concerts of famous artists – such as NAVI, Ivan Popovych, the group “Dandelion Flower”, Hutsul Hooligan, Pavel Ilnytsky, Anis, Oksana Karaim, Roman Mazurchak, Rina Sherri; performances by cover bands: “Zelait”, “911 band”, “Perfect Boys”, “Lviv UA” and others. Develops scenarios for costume parties, celebrations of any event, organizes photographers, decorators, DJs. Responsible for branding the cake for the birthday.
  • Helps to make a romantic declaration or a surprise gift (music, dance, etc.).
  • Marina implements any creative corporate event for your organization, christenings with a children’s photo area, a holiday with animators, anniversaries from 1 to 100 years!
  • If professionals are responsible for your celebration – it will be held at the highest level! Our Art Director is a professional in his field, madly in love with his work!
  • So, are you still thinking about where to celebrate the solemn event? The answer is obvious – in the Hopak restaurant!
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